If you have interest, skills or a passion for gardening then volunteer

Still Gardening recognises that good health and wellbeing are essential to independent living. We view the garden as a health and wellbeing resource which can provide physical activity, mental and emotional stimulation as well as social connections.

Through our Garden Mates program Still Gardening aims to support the wellbeing of its clients while assisting them to address garden maintenance.

Through its Peer Education program Still Gardening aims to raise awareness of the health benefits of daily gardening and provide information about low maintenance gardening.

Through its limited Garden Conversions program Still Gardening aims to overcome obstacles where possible, which prevent people from gardening.

Still Gardening clients are older people and their carers.

Project Background

The Healthy Ageing Network South (HANS) recognised the importance of gardening in the lives of older people but also identified the garden as a major stressor to some, as abilities declined with age. Aware of the health benefits of outdoor activity HANS developed the project concept, focusing on the garden as an opportunity for older people and people with disabilities to continue to engage in outdoor activity that was meaningful and accessible to them.

The Commonwealth Home and Community Care (HACC) Program provides services that support older people to be more independent at home and in the community. Still Gardening clients must be eligible for HACC services.

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