7 Tips to keep you yard looking great!

1. Cover Your Entrance:

If you have country garden gate outside of your house, then star jasmine will be the best option to cover your gate with. It will climb to the top and its fragrance will always be there.

2. Glorify Your Sitting Area:

Many people do have specific sitting areas where they use to sit with their family in free time. The best option to glorify such a spot is planted some vines and lavenders. You can also add your favorite plants as well because there are no restrictions here. Do whatever you want to do but keep in mind that the position of certain plants can make a huge difference. According to landscape designer Josh Norman – “Never mingle two unique looking plants together. It will give dominance to one over the other.”

3. Climbing Moonflower:

Your windows, doors, gates and other entrances can be covered by certain species of morning glory like night-blooming. This plant holds white flowers that spread fragrance only overnight. White flowers remain open from dusk to dawn. It can reach up to 15 feet in height, so you must have no problem with the height of your main gate.

5. Welcoming Front Yard:

Many varieties of roses can be planted right at the main entrance to make a fragrant-welcoming front yard. There are literally various varieties which you can choose according to your choice and can place them outdoor.

6. Manage Your Paths:

If you have footpaths in front of your house, Lavender will be the best option to cover your paths. Line your paths with the beautiful lush Lavender as they are deer-resistant and they’re available in different beautiful hues.

7. Thyme Blurs Your Paths:

The lush green effect of Thyme can effectively be used to fill the gaps between the paths. The congested greenish effect literally makes your paths look more valuable and attractive.

That’s how you can make your house look more attractive and gorgeous even if you have don’t have some space for gardening outdoor.

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