If you have interest, skills or a passion for gardening then volunteer

Still Gardening is a non-profit community project based in Hobart. Our volunteers assist older people  and their carers to keep-on-gardening.

Why Keep Gardening?

To remain living independently it is important to stay healthy. Studies tell us there are a myriad of benefits to be gained from gardening on a daily basis. Still Gardening views the garden as a health resource for its clients. While gardening with our clients, we look at simple ways of making the garden as low maintenance as possible.

Three Elements of the Still Gardening Project

Garden Mates: to give support and encouragement to people who want to garden but may need assistance to make the garden more manageable. Garden Mates currently work with clients in the Hobart & Glenorchy council areas.

Peer Educators: to facilitate discussion and awareness around the health benefits of gardening, low maintenance gardening and enabling tools and equipment. Peer Educators currently travel within the 62 phone book area of southern Tasmania.

Garden Conversions: a limited aspect of the project which endeavours to look at minor changes that will enable people to continue to garden.

Still Gardening is a project of the Hobart City Council supported by funding from the Australian Government through the Commonwealth Home & Community Care (HACC) program.

Where to Send Applications

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in this project, please print out a copy of the application form available on this page and mail it directly to us.

The Coordinator
Still Gardening Program
Hobart City Council
GPO Box 503, Hobart 7001

Our phone number is 6236 9349

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